Mission Statement

Gata Salvaje aims to honor the rage of those who are a part of intersectional marginalized communities. Gata sparks conversations by touching on multiple intersections of power dynamics and cultural norms we don’t often question.


Gata’s “how to” workshops are meant to help others find some sort of agency in navigating bureaucracies that are meant to confuse and frustrate us.


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Workshops and Presentations

Gata has created, facilitated and organized hands on workshops on Intersectional Feminism, How to file your own taxes, and How to sue your landlord

She has presented at:

MeCHa de UW Madison (Madison, WI)
Mi Existir es Resistir 2019 Conference (Philadelphia, PA)
La Cosecha (Phoenix, AZ)
UMass Boston (Boston, MA)
Make the Road NY (Brooklyn, NYC)
East Los Angeles Community College (South Gate, CA)
Beauty Botanica (Oakland, CA)
QTPOC Conference (Riverside, CA)
Public Allies (Los Angeles, CA)
Horizons Unlimited (San Francisco, CA)
Hollywood Food Coalition (Hollywood, CA)
Holyoke Community College (Holyoke, MA)
Children’s Hospital (Los Angeles, CA)
John Jay College (New York City, NY)
Long Beach Residents Empowered (Long Beach, CA)

Gata also has a decade of experience teaching peers, youth, and community members how to file their taxes.

Gata Salvaje is available for zoom booking at your community or college event, podcast interviews, 1:1 consultations and more.

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About Gata

Gata is an Afro Caribeña queer femme who was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She was inspired to create merchandise when she was censored on social media for stating her political points of view and statement “Men are Trash”


Since then, Gata has created more merchandise and art revolving around themes highlighting power dynamics that exist in different intersections. Gata explains that any struggle for liberation that does not include an intersectional lens only continues to reinforce existing power dynamics. Capitalism, Sexism, Cissexism, Ableism, Racism, Colorism, Classism, Homophobia, etc. all uphold their power with each other, and cannot exist without one another.


Gata is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. All merchandise is either hand silk screened or heat pressed by Gata herself.