Appointment & Workshop FAQ's
Hi! I have a question, can I just DM you my question?

Thank you so much for thinking of me to help you with your question. I am more than happy to help with your inquiry. However, regardless of how small your question is, it will require a conversation.

I want to make sure I give you my undivided attention so I can best help you with your questions and get you to the right resources.

If you need help with your taxes or have questions about taxes, please fill out my intake form here: and I will follow up with you via email.

If you need help or have questions about how to sue your landlord, you can book me for a 1:1 convo here:

Please note all appointments are non refundable.


My apartment roof caved in / or / a lot of other damages happened in my apartment / or / my landlord did some really fucked up shit! Can you help me?

All landlords are trash and whatever happened is not fair to you. First off, prioritize your immediate needs first. Do you feel safe at home? Is your home habitable to live in? If not, go somewhere where you feel safe or perhaps move somewhere else (I know, its easier said than done). Some good places to look for housing (if you’re in LA or a metropolitan city) are the housing facebook groups, post on your social media that you’re looking for a place to stay, drive around and look for “for rent signs”, or look on craigslist.

If you have secured housing, and/or you feel safe, you can either book me for an appointment (link in the prior question) or contact your local tenants union.

If you want to know more about your tenants rights (can your landlord evict you, raise your rent, or do other things) you can google [your city] tenants union and ask them first. My workshops and consultations focus on navigating the bureaucracy of how to sue, and focus on getting your deposit back. Other things such as habitability issues, and rules around what your landlord can or cannot do (beyond your security deposit) can most often be answered at a free tenants rights clinic which are offered often, in person and online, and FREE.

If you live in LA, consider reaching out to the LA tenants union, SAJE, Coalition for Economic Survival, or the Eviction Defence Network. There’s a LOT of FREE help everywhere, please consider that before paying $$$ to speak to a lawyer.

I host a “How to Sue your Landlord” free webinar every month, and offer 1:1 appointments (the link is in the prior question above).

Do you offer group workshops?
Yes, I offer group workshops for both how to file your taxes and how to sue your landlord. Both workshops are available in Spanish in English. Please email me at to inquire about my rate


Do you offer group workshops?

Yes, I offer group workshops for how to file your taxes, and how to sue. All workshops are available in Spanish in English. Please fill out the interest form below to inquire about a group workshop and I will follow up with you within 72 hours.


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